The HAUNTED SPEAKEASY is a place full of paranormal activity that includes Jerry a 38 year resident who passed tragically in a car accident trying to get back home.  He still resides in the speakeasy which was once a basement that housed a lot of his personal belongings.  If you enter the cage you will feel his energy and connect with him thru Ghost boxes and other paranormal equipment. Jerry was such a treasured resident that even after his death  he still has his own parking spot.    

 Speakeasy dates back to the early 1920's but also served as a burlesque, cathouse, mob headquarters and even a antique shop

Another popular ghost is a little girl who rides a bike and rings her bike bell.  Many people have heard the little girl and her bell in real time,

There are many different ghost residing in the Speakeasy, people have encountered different females claiming to have been murdered and raped.  Psychics have connected and seen different females on the stairs and the stage.  Having once served as a Cathouse and Mob Headquarters, its no wonder many ghost are still residing here.

Apparition caught on FLIR in Jerrys cage by Paranormal Inc.



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